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Korbit is proud to provide personalized, high-quality education for millions of students at a low cost, anytime and anywhere.

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Korbit is transforming
education with AI-teachers

Korbit offers a real-time interactive and personalized intelligent teacher that adapts itself to the learner's needs and provides real-time targeted pedagogical support. This has been shown to make a big difference in learning outcomes and student motivation.

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We are on the mission to democratize education

By accessing their personalized, high-quality education, students will be able to advance their careers, further their studies, improve their communities, and change the world with a strong motivation at a speed incomparable to traditional education.

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Korbit is backed by research and world-leading academics

Korbit was founded by PhD researchers from the Quebec AI Institute (Mila) and Cambridge University. Given the founding team’s academic focus and data-driven approach, the company is constantly innovating based on experimental insights and rapid iterations. In addition to the high-profile advisor Yoshua Bengio, Korbit is also supported by professors Joëlle Pineau (Facebook, Mila, McGill), Aaron Courville (Mila, Université de Montréal) and Laurent Charlin (Mila, HEC) who provide scientific advice and also help to teach students on the platform.

Our Team

Meet the amazing team behind Korbit

Iulian Serban, PhD
Co-founder & CEO / CTO
Ekaterina Kochmar, PhD
Co-founder & Chief Security Officer
Ansona Onyi Ching
Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer / CCO
Andrew Barkett
Chief Technology Officer
Mark Rogge
Chief Revenue Officer
Andrew Terrel
VP, Machine learning
Nathan Burns
Data Science Content Team Lead
Yoshua Bengio, Ph.D.
Director of the Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute (Mila), Professor at University of Montreal
Joelle Pineau, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, McGill University, Head of Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research, Montreal
Laurent Charlin , Ph.D.
Assistant Professor at HEC Montréal
Aaron Courville, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor at University of Montréal
Isaac Souweine
Partner, Real Ventures General Manager, FounderFuel
Amruth B R, Ph.D.
Amruth B RCEO at Guru-G, Founder at GrayDx Birla Institute of Technology and Science, McGill Sauvé Scholar
Ole Michael Waldén
Web Application Consultant
Kurt Apen
Marketing Advisor
Kanu Gulati, Ph.D.
Principal, Khosla Ventures
Texas A&M University
(Ph.D. Computer Engineering)
Farhana Alarakhiya
Chief Data Innovation Officer, Product Advisor
Software Engineering Team
Jason Chew
Director of Engineering
Joseph Potochny
Full-Stack Developer
Farid Faraji
Back-End Developer
Junfel Vincent Romano
Front-End Developer
Taylor Glazier
Lead Web Developer
Selene Zheng
Back-End Developer
Arnaud Roussel
Back-End Developer
Machine Learning Team
Ekaterina Kochmar, PhD
Co-founder, CSO
Iulian Serban, PhD
Co-founder & CEO / CAIO
Andrew Barkett
Andrew Terrel
VP, Machine Learning
Robert Belfer
Machine Learning Developer
Ariella Smofsky
Machine Learning Developer
Muhammad Shayan
Machine Learning Developer
Antoine Frau
Machine Learning Developer
Sabina Elkins
Machine Learning Developer
Devang Kulshreshtha
Machine Learning Developer
Data Science Content Team
Nathan Burns
Data Science Content Team Lead
Anush Stephanyan, PhD
Data Science Teacher
Adéla Matajová
Educational Content Editor
Victor Chen
Data Science Teacher
Hossein Sahraei
Data Science Teacher
Product Team
Robert Larson
Director of Product
Tommy Delarosbil
Senior Product Design
François St-Hilaire
Product Operations Analyst
Nadia Markova
Product Manager
Kritika Sony
Interaction Designer
Business Development Team
Ansona Onyi Ching
Co-founder, COO/CCO
Mark Rogge
Chief Revenue Officer
David Fisher
Account Executive
Phuong Phan
Sales Manager

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